About NRS

NRS was foun­ded in the autumn of 2015 by Anders Ham­rin, Lars-Åke Giss­lin and Fred­rik Sangö.

In the year 2016 Bir­ger Lar­s­son, Åke Lar­s­son and Lars Berg­gren ente­red as asso­ci­a­tes. The com­pa­ny has con­ti­nu­ed growing and now has 20 employees.

Our ope­ra­tion is to a lar­ge extent gover­ned regu­la­tions from sta­te admi­nist­ra­tions and stan­dards. Our ambi­tions is to be the com­pa­ny in this line of indu­stry with the best know­led­ge of safe­ty bar­ri­ers. Know­led­ge alo­ne is not enough to get satis­fi­ed custo­mers so all of us are com­mitted and have a will to get the cli­ent content.