Quality, environment and sustainability

We descri­be our rela­tion to the envi­ron­ment in the docu­ment NRS Code of Con­duct.

We beli­e­ve that our best con­tri­bu­tion to the sustai­na­bi­li­ty work is our ende­a­vor to cre­a­te pro­ducts using less ste­el than our com­pe­ti­tor’s pro­ducts of the cor­re­spon­ding con­tain­ment levels. Our appro­ach to this appe­ars from the docu­ments NRS SF bro — Det håll­ba­ra valet för eko­no­mi och mil­jö and Mil­jö­vär­de­ring av stål- och stål­kon­struk­tio­ner (slut­rap­port).

To achi­e­ve this we sta­ke lar­ge resour­ces in pro­duct deve­lop­ment. We are the only Nor­dic com­pa­ny with equip­ment for crash tes­ting of vehic­le restraint systems and resour­ces for com­pu­ter simulations.