Electric protection

Nor­dic electric pro­tec­tion with PC (Poly­car­bo­na­te) instal­led at UPE posts mounted at the out­si­de of a bridge edge beam.

Post spa­cing (m)1.8 / 2.0
Height (m)1,65
OtherCan be used with all types of para­pets with a wor­king wid­th of max. 1.0 meter (W3)
Dura­bi­li­tyHot dip gal­va­ni­zed coa­tings accor­ding to SS-EN ISO 1461:2009 Natio­nal Annex. Fe/Zn 115
Ful­filsKrav Bro­byg­gan­de (TDOK 2016:0204), TRVK Bro 11 Sup­ple­ment 1 (TRV 2014/82131)

Pro­duct information

Wor­king instruction