Alternatives for installation

Nor­dic R H2 High can be instal­led in dif­fe­rent ways. Stan­dard solu­tions are avai­lab­le for edge beams/plinths in the pla­ne of the road/bridge sur­fa­ce or ele­va­ted as well as for concre­te or ste­el founda­tions (for use in soil).

All instal­la­tion alter­na­ti­ves for Nor­dic R H2 High are CE-marked accor­ding to EN 1317–5 and appro­ved by SP (Noti­fi­ed Body).

We also offer instal­la­tions accor­ding to the custo­mer’s spe­ci­fi­ca­tions, e. g. ste­el brac­kets for side mounting on wooden bridges. Ple­a­se con­tact us for furt­her information.

Rai­sed edge beam

Road­way level

Concre­te foundation

Ste­el foundation