Nor­dic R H2 High can be instal­led with dif­fe­rent types of infill. Stan­dard infills like ver­ti­cal bars, splash pro­tec­tion and mesh are avai­lab­le for para­pets pla­ced on edge beams/plinths with dif­fe­ring height abo­ve the bridge surface.

Infills for Nor­dic R H2 High are CE-marked accor­ding to EN 1317–5 and appro­ved as a part of the para­pet by SP (Noti­fi­ed Body). The­se infills are desig­ned to wit­h­stand loads from snow removal.

We also offer infills adap­ted to the custo­mer’s spe­ci­fi­ca­tions. Ple­a­se con­tact usfor furt­her information.

Ver­ti­cal bars
Splash pro­tec­tion

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