Nordic Delta Prodigy W H2

Safe­ty bar­ri­er with Apro­fi­le fix­ed at C100 post instal­led in soil.

Har­mo­ni­sed stan­dardN1317‑5:2007/A2:2012
Con­tain­ment levelH2
Post spa­cing (m)1.33
Wor­king wid­th (class)W3
Wor­king wid­th (m)1.0
Dyna­mic defl. (m)0.7
Impact seve­ri­ty levelA
Con­struc­tion wid­th (m)0.18
Con­struc­tion height (m)0.75
Vehic­le Intru­sion (class)VI6
Resistan­ce to snow remo­val (class)3
Dura­bi­li­tyHot dip gal­va­ni­zed coa­tings accor­ding to SS-EN ISO 1461:2009 Natio­nal Annex. Fe/Zn 115

Decla­ra­tion of Performance

Wor­king instruction

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