Energy absorbing terminals

Ener­gy absor­bing ter­mi­nals are used to start and finish a safe­ty bar­ri­er in a safe way. 

They shall pre­vent vehicles from cras­hing with the begin­ning or the end of safe­ty barrier.

Com­mon for all ener­gy absor­bing ter­mi­nals are that they shall be tested accor­ding to a speed class. The pro­per­ti­es of ener­gy absor­bing ter­mi­nals are descri­bed by:

  • Speed class
  • Impact seve­ri­ty level
  • Class of late­ral displacement
  • Redirec­tion zone class

For the time being CE-mar­king of ener­gy absor­bing ter­mi­nals is not pos­sib­le, then the cur­rent stan­dard is not harmonized.