Safety barriers and parapets

The­re are seve­ral types of safe­ty bar­ri­ers. The most com­mon types are metal bar­ri­ers with beams, tubes or wires as lon­gi­tu­di­nal mem­bers or are made from concrete.

Safe­ty bar­ri­ers can be clas­si­fi­ed depen­ding on area of appli­ca­tion like safe­ty bar­ri­ers and vehic­le para­pets. Com­mon for all safe­ty bar­ri­ers are that they should be tested for a con­tain­ment level and CE-marked. The per­for­man­ces of a safe­ty bar­ri­er are descri­bed by:

  • Con­tain­ment level
  • Dyna­mic deflec­tion, e.g. how much the bar­ri­er is defor­med (or dis­pla­ced) momentarily
  • Wor­king width
  • Vehic­le intrusion
  • Impact seve­ri­ty level
  • Class of resistan­ce to snow removal