In order to con­nect safe­ty bar­ri­ers with dif­fe­rent pro­per­ti­es in a safe way, a tran­si­tion is required. 

For the time being CE-mar­king of tran­si­tions is not pos­sib­le. That is why spe­ci­fi­ca­tions for tran­si­tions are regu­la­ted by the VGU. Requi­re­ments for tran­si­tions in the VGU is depen­ding on the dif­fe­rences between the pro­per­ti­es of the con­nec­ted safe­ty bar­ri­ers. NRS has deve­lo­ped dif­fe­rent types of tran­si­tions based on requi­re­ments in the VGU.

On one way roads or roads with bar­ri­ers in the medi­an it is accep­ted to con­nect a stif­fer safety .